Metal refridgerator door cable lock Child Safety Cable Lock,metal fridge cable lock ZC122

Metal refridgerator door cable lock Child Safety Cable Lock,metal fridge cable lock ZC122

Short Description:

Description:Lockable refridgerator door Cable Restrictor
Material: Zinc Alloy+Steel+Plastic
Available color: white/black or other specified color
Accessories: with 1 key and adhesive stickers
Finish: With brushed surface treatment,make the simple product textured
Application: Suitable for most types of furniture or appliance, such as drawer, refrigerator, door , cupboard, oven, freezer, carton , printer tray , cabinet , medical security locks and etc
Place of Origin: Zhejiang, China
Payment method: T/T, Western Union or PayPal
Minimum order quantity: As per different product
Package: Customized package will be acceptable
Features: Key operated, Child Safety Security Lock

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Product Description

Easily installation,It comes with adhesive stickers and key,just need a clean of the application surface,no need to drill any holes, and it also can be removed very easily and do no harm to the furniture or appliance. It can be used for keeping your kid’s hands,and anyone out of the certain drawer, fridge, or cabinet,or keeping some unsafe items away from your kids,  protecting your kids in safety. It can be locked & unlocked by using the key.Turn the key and remove the cable, then you can open the locks.


Product Information

304 steel wire plastic lasso, multi-strand steel wire wrap, plastic protective sleeve, abrasion resistant.

Several strands in one, strong and unbreakable, multiple stainless steel wire cohesion, strength and safety guaranteed.

Locking design doubles security, key opens 90°clockwise.

Door security lock, easy to install without drilling holes, adhesive on the back.

Use 3M brand strong adhesive
1. Simple operation, easy to paste
2. Do not damage your favourite furniture

Why use a safety lock?

After babies learn to crawl, according to Baidu data 52% a of child accidents originate in the home. Babies are just learning about the world and are full of curiosity and desire to know. If adults are negligent, babies will 'do whatever they want' and open the door to the fridge, shoe cabinet, water dispenser, etc. They are prone to receive injuries such as squeezing and pinching, touching their heads, drinking and burning. This is why we need to protect our babies. Instead of regretting everything, it is better to prevent it in advance.

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