New uPVC Lockable Window/Door Mini Cable Restrictor Child Safety Small Cable Lock ZC682

New uPVC Lockable Window/Door Mini Cable Restrictor Child Safety Small Cable Lock ZC682

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Description:New mini lockable Window and Door Cable Restrictor
Material:Zinc Alloy+Steel+Plastic
Available color: white/black or other specified color
Accessories: with 1 key and installing screws
Application: Suitable for most types of windows and doors, and suitable for many kinds of materials, such as uPVC, Wood, Aluminum and other Metal and etc
Place of Origin: Zhejiang, China
Payment method: T/T, Western Union or PayPal
Minimum order quantity: As per different product
Package: Customized package will be acceptable

Features: Key operated, Child Safety Security Lock,it is very small and cute. A good choise for you to bring back to home to protect your kids in safety. Easily installation,it comes with a key and mounting screws,just need a screwdriver or drill to mount onto the specified window or door frame. It limits the window or door opening distance,and a good ideal for Home, Public and Commercial Safety, and especially designed for Children 's Safety,can prevent Children falling down from the windows. It can be locked & unlocked as required --- When the cable is in place(under locking status), the distance of the window can open is limited. And the window also can be opened fully after the cable is removed from the locking end by using the Key.

Product Details

Can Be Locked & Unlocked As Required.

Self Drilling Screws Supplied.

The Lockable Cable Window Restrictor is a simple fit device that limits the distance a window can open,

ideal for home & commercial safety.

When the cable is in place, the distance the window can open is limited,

by using the key,the cable can be removed from one end and the window can be opened fully.

Designed specifically with child safety in mind.

Prevents fatalities and injuries.

Suitable for most types of window and small doors.

Perfect for home, public and commercial applications.


Universal window and door restrictor

Prevents fatalities and injuries

Can be fitted to all materials

Can be used in hospitals, hotels, homes and schools

Suitable for every type of opening window

Discourages burglars and intruders

For security and safety

Provided for Health and Safety

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