Magnet Control refridgerator door cable lock Child Safety Cable Lock,magnetic fridge cable lock ZC127

Magnet Control refridgerator door cable lock Child Safety Cable Lock,magnetic fridge cable lock ZC127

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Description: Magnet control type refridgerator door Cable Restrictor lock
Material: Plastic+zinc alloy+steel
Available color: white/black or other specified color
Accessories: magnetic key+adhesive adhesive
Application : Suitable for most types of furniture or appliance, such as drawer,,refrigerator,door ,cupboard, oven,freezer, carton , printer tray , cabinet , medical security locks and etc
Place of Origin: Zhejiang, China
Payment method: T/T, Western Union or PayPal
Minimum order quantity: As per different product
Package: Customized package will be acceptable
Features: Magnetic key operated, Child Safety Security Lock
Easily installation,It comes with a sticker,just need to do a clean of the application surface,no need to drill any holes, and it also can be removed very easily and do no harm to the furniture or appliance. It can be used for keeping your kid’s hands,and anyone out of the certain drawer, fridge, or cabinet,or keeping some unsafe items away from your kids, protecting your kids in safety. It can be locked & unlocked by using the applied magnet switch.Put the magnet key onto the top of the lock and remove the cable, then you can open the locks.When the cable is in place and remove the magnet key from the top of the lock, it is under locking.

Scope of application

This product is designed for the safety of babies and young children. Suitable for using on fridge, cupboard and drawer doors, toilets and other multi-purpose locks.
Prevents babies from opening and accidentally eating or messing up the contents to avoid accidents.


Use in winter with a hairdryer to increase adhesion.
Before installation, be sure to clean the installation area of dust, water stains and other impurities, the installation is not recommended for walls that have fallen off the dust.
When attaching, it is recommended to avoid babies to avoid curiosity and uncovering.
To prolong the service life, do not touch repeatedly within 24 hours.

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