Life span of door and window hardware

The standard of hardware for doors and windows is the number of times they are used, not the years they are used. Many manufacturers will admit to customers how many years their products can be used, which has a conversion relationship. The general requirement of window hardware is 15,000 times, and that of door hardware is 100,000 times. The standard requirement is to operate windows three times a day and doors 10 times a day. In this way, the service life of the product is 10 years. This will bring some misleading to customers, thinking that the product will be able to use for ten years, but in fact, the mode of operation has a great impact. The hardware of doors and windows can only be tested by the number of times. It is impossible for us to judge whether the product is qualified after ten years of production.


With the requirements of the national energy-saving policy, the relevant energy-saving standards for doors and windows have been issued constantly, energy-saving doors and windows are more and more widely used, and more and more high-rise buildings. The phrase "Hardware is the heart of doors and windows" is put forward by a senior expert in the industry, and it is also widely recognized in the industry. Hardware, as the core component of doors and windows, bears the opening performance of doors and windows, and at the same time, it also plays an increasingly important role in ensuring the safety of buildings. Therefore, the quality of hardware and the rationality of its selection are more important.

Post time: Mar-21-2022