Child Safety Window Locks Features

The lack of a unified specification standard for the domestic profile (aluminium alloy, plastic steel, broken aluminium alloy, aluminium wood, etc.) industry has resulted in a very restricted scope of application for ordinary window locks. But as a child safety lock, it must have the ability to adapt to windows made of most profiles in order to facilitate the purchase and installation by the user.
Scientific protection against theft.
Scientific protection against theft is a necessary prerequisite for child-safe window locks. If one of these requirements is not met, the safety of the user’s personal property is hardly protected.

High strength
Reliable strength is a prerequisite for the functionality of child safety locks as a means of protecting personal property at home. Generally, as a sliding window, the lateral pull force is in accordance with the National Building Metal Structure Association’s “Recommended Product Technical Assessment Rules for Building Doors and Windows” regarding the locking components of the single point locker, which requires that the locking components should not be damaged after a static pressure (pull) force of 400N (approx. 80 city kg).

Child safety window locks are designed to withstand the elements and are used in a way that takes stability into account. Only child safety locks in a stable working condition can protect people’s personal and property safety in real time.
From this, it is easy to see that the latch type child safety window lock is better for general use, but requires the use of a key structure, which is not convenient for the management of the key, nor for emergency escape; squeeze type child safety window lock, due to the limitations of its principle of action, there are shortcomings in stability and high strength requirements, and it often requires the use of special keys to open, there are the same shortcomings as through the latch type child safety window lock; folded piece The child safety window lock is the worst in terms of stability and high strength requirements, child safety protection is difficult to obtain protection, anti-theft performance is greatly reduced; segmented hook lock child safety window lock the most comprehensive performance of all child safety window lock, both with high strength, but also suitable for most sliding windows, while the special safety device design, not only effectively protect the safety of children, but also conducive to emergency escape.

Post time: Apr-20-2022