3 aspects to consider when choosing window and door hardware

It can be said that window and door hardware is the "heart" of the window and door, not a supporting role. Door and window hardware plays a very important role in energy saving doors and windows, not only is it airtight, watertight and wind pressure resistant, it also plays a very important role in safety and other properties. Energy saving doors and windows should take the following aspects into account when choosing door and window fittings.

1. the choice of door and window fittings material

The choice of good materials is the basic guarantee of good quality energy-saving doors and windows. Poor material door and window fittings are prone to aging and cracking. This can lead to the doors and windows open inflexible or can not open, close, so not only can not ensure the building doors and windows airtight performance and energy saving, but also to people's lives and safety hazards. Therefore, when choosing door and window fittings, you must choose brand products with quality assurance, not to be greedy for cheap, to lose a lot of small.


2. the reasonable configuration of energy-saving doors and windows accessories

Energy-saving doors and windows accessories reasonable configuration and design of energy-saving doors and windows door accessories configuration above, should choose a good locking multi-point locking system to ensure that the door under the action of wind pressure, fan, frame deformation synchronization, effective guarantee sealing materials with a reasonable fit, so that the sealant strip can always maintain a good sealing performance under the strong state of pressure.


3. can not choose cheap, simple single point lock hardware configuration

Because of the single point lock hardware configuration, when the door or window is subject to positive wind pressure, or negative wind pressure, the door or window will be deformed in the position without the locking point. The deformation cannot be restored to its original position, which leads to a gap between the fan and the frame, making the hot and cold air circulate through the window and door gaps, forming convection, and not enabling the windows and doors to achieve energy saving.

These are the 3 issues that should be considered when choosing hardware for doors and windows. The wind resistance of hardware to doors and windows determines the success or failure of doors and windows; likewise, air tightness, water tightness, heat insulation, thermal insulation, sound insulation are all related to hardware.

Post time: Mar-21-2022